Gamera Addon: FD Toolkit

This is a Gamera toolkit that implements different kinds of Fourier descriptors for two dimensional shapes, be they broken or connected. It is based on the Gamera framework and requires a working Gamera installation.

About the FD toolkit

There is a great variety of possible methods for staff line removal and not all are appropriate for all circumstances. Not all images are as perfect as the example above and staff line removal can also be applied to something different than common music notation (eg. lute tablature or text documents with underlined sections).

The FD toolkit provides feature functions that fall into two categories:


A documentation of all plugins provided by the toolkit is included with the source code package in the subdirectory doc/html. For a detailed description how these Fourier descriptors are computed, see

C. Dalitz, C. Brandt, S. Goebbels, D. Kolanus: Fourier Descriptors for Broken Shapes.
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing 2013:161 (2013)

When referring to this toolkit, you can cite this paper.

Test data set

The NEUMES test data set for broken shape recognition used in the above reference is made available for download here. It consists of 640 images out of 40 classes representing Eastern neumes.

Authors and Acknowledgements

The authors of the FD toolkit are:

Morevoer, Fabian Schmitt helped fixing some bugs.

Software Download

The source code of the FD toolkit is freely distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Note that the toolkit requires a working installation of Gamera. Apart from Gamera, it does not require any other third-party library.

Available source code file releases for all platforms are:

For release notes, see the file CHANGES. For installation and usage instructions see the file doc/html/index.html in the source package. When all prerequisites are installed, installation simply requires typing

python build && sudo python install

On Windows, you can alternatively also use the binary installer (make sure you have also installed Gamera and also download the above source package for documentation!):