Gamera development is hosted on Github. You can obtain file releases or git snapshots of the current development version.

File releases

File releases can be downloaded directly from here:

Although Python 2.x is no longer maintained, the old version of Gamera is still provided for legacy applications and for use with toolkits that have not yet been ported to Python 3.

Development snapshots

File releases are made infrequently. If you need the latest bug fixes or features, you can download a snapshot of the current source code via anonymous git access with the following commands (requires the software git):

git clone


To install Gamera, you need at least the third party software Python and wxPython:

Note: Gamera up to version 3.x only works with Python 2.x. For Python 3.x, you will need gamera-4.


When all prerequisites are fulfilled, installing Gamera is as simple as typing the following command from the base directory of the Gamera source tree:

python3 bdist_wheel && sudo pip3 install ./dist/gamera-*-*.whl

See the Gamera Installation Howto for more information.


When you have installed Gamera from the sources, you can generate the documentation from the doc subdirectory with the command (requires the Python modules docutils and pygments):


Alternatively, you can also download the documentation as .tar.gz.