Gamera Addon: MIS Support Toolkit

This is a Gamera toolkit for reading files the "Multiple Image Set" (MIS) image format that is used by the NIST Special Database 19 of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is based on the Gamera framework and requires a working installation of Gamera.

This toolkit currently still requires Gamera 3 and Python 2.x.

About the MIS Support toolkit

The MIS Support Toolkit is necessary if you want to evaluate custom features or feature selection on the NIST Special Database 19, a collection of handwritten characters and digits. It provides a plugin function load_MIS that reads a MIS file and returns a list of Gamera images.

For an example script how to use this function to evaluate a classifier, see the file doc/html/index.html in the source distribution.


Documentation on installation and usage of the toolkit is included with the source code package in the subdirectory doc/html.

Authors and Achnowledgements

The authors of the MIS Support toolkit are:

Software Download

The source code of the MIS Support toolkit is freely distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Note that the toolkit relies on Gamera and therefore requires Gamera to be installed. Available file releases are:

For installation and usage instructions see the file doc/html/index.html in the source package. When all prerequisites are installed, installation simply requires typing

python build && sudo python install