Gamera 3.x documentation

Last modified: January 08, 2018


Editors:Michael Droettboom, Christoph Dalitz


This documentation consists of some HOW TO documentation and some reference documentation. In addition, there are some more formal published papers and a tutorial available from the Gamera website.


How To

How to use Gamera:

How to extend Gamera:


  • RGBPixel: properties of color values in Gamera

Optional libraries that can be useful for some tasks:

Migration from Gamera 2.x to Gamera 3.x


Many thanks to Teal Anderson for finding numerous typos among the hideous jargon of these documents.

Some of the material presented here is based on documentation or papers by Karl MacMillan and Ichiro Fujinaga.

Gamera was initially funded through the National Science Foundation's Digital Library Initiative 2 (Award #9817430), an Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant, and support from the Lester S. Levy Estate.

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